Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spanish Paella

Cook the sausage and chill/slice them to add later
cook chicken breasts and chill/slice to add later
cook the chicken legs with onion and garlic and turmeric
Add the rice, saffron, chicken stock, shrimp and tomatoes to the chicken legs in a paella pan and put in oven for 20min.... add more stock if required, add the sausage and chicken breat pieces along with 1/2c frozen peas, red pepper sliced, and onion. Bake another 20 min at 35o.
Add muscles and cook for 5 more minutes...stir all together, serve in centre of table so guests can help themselves!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beef Sliders

I use a very simple recipe for this but the secret is to spice as they cook and always always always use a cast iron skillet!
Step 1: Choose your spice...this is where u get creative...make them your own...sometimes i use chipotle, onion, even a tandoori or's whatever mood you are in.

Add 2 eggs to your beef, salt and pepper.... mix fillers.... pure grilling angus ground is the best! Next make your patties...not want the meat to hold the fat to keep them moist.....make sure heat is at the burger is cooking.....once you see the greyness of the cooked beef sneaking up the side....spice! Be generous! 2 min and flip....grill the other side for 4min approx.... and remove skillet from heat...let the meat keep cooking in the pan off heat. Remove, place on slider buns...add a slice of brie cheese to the hot burger and close....serve! One Gourmet Slider that will impress any crowd!

Chocolate and Ginger Cake

This recipe was featured in Food and Drink in Spring 2008.

I have been making it since then and its always a success!

Go to and search the Food and Drink section for the recipe. Sounds complicated but honestly, it's a piece of cake! No pun intended!

The great thing about this cake...2tbsp of flour...that's it! But I must warn you, there is NOTHING healthy about this cake except for the sweet tooth!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Curry and Green Apple Potato Salad

2lbs red potatoes boiled til al dente 20min
1/2 red onion chopped
5 boiled eggs chopped
2 green apples chopped
1tbsp of yellow curry
2C maionnaise
1tbsp pepper
1tbsp sea salt

Mix together, refridgerate.....serve cold! Awesome! Simple! Apple gives it the taste u need!