Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Appetizer Party Ideas

Xmas Top Hats

1.       Slices of zuchinni

2.       Top with a chunk of goat cheese

3.       Top with ½ of cherry tomato on top

4.       Bake at 400 for 10min and serve


Asparagus wrapped in proscuitto

1.        Asparagus 4” long

2.       Wrap a slice of proscuitto around asparagus

3.       Bake at 400 for 10min until crispy and serve


Spiced Bar Nuts

1.       Heat oil in skillet

2.       Add cashew nuts for 1-2min

3.       Add other nuts if you wish

4.       Combine nuts in a bowl and add 1Tsp salt, 1tsp garam masala, ½ teaspoon cayenne

5.       Stir and serve in bowl 

6.       Can also do nuts with cinnamon and cayenne


Yogurt Mango Dip – served with Pita chips/veggies

1.       1 chopped onion sauté in oil until soft

2.       Stir in 1tsp curry powder for 1min

3.       Cool

4.       Stir in 1/1/4c plain yogurt

5.       Add 2tbsp of mango chutney

6.       Serve in serving bowl


Shrimp Ring

1.       Remove shrimp from the ring and drain on papertowel until dry

2.       Place shrimp cocktail in martini glass on a plate

3.       Sprinkle the shrimp over the plate and salt heavily

4.       Sprinkle chopped green and red pepper for decoration


Meatballs with fresh basil and sweet chili sauce

1.       Cook meatballs from box on cookie sheet

2.       Wrap in a basil leaf and pick with a toothpick

3.       Buy sweet chili sauce for dipping


Figs stuffed with goat cheese

1.       Snip figs with sissors on top in quarters

2.       Stuff with cheese

3.       Stick a pecan or walnut in the cheese on top

4.       Serve on plate


Chorizo and olive tapas

1.       Slice chorizo sausage

2.       Fry until golden in olive oil

3.       Add green olives (pit less)

4.       Mix together and serve in bowl with toothpicks


Other ideas:


1.       A cream soup (pumpkin) pour into shot glasses and serve


2.       Chicken sauté – as discussed, broil chick strips on stick in oven in a peanut sauce. Serve extra sauce on side


3.       A salmon cream cheese mixture with green onion, smoked salmon, curry – spooned onto an Endive leaf and served on a serving plate


4.       Tortillas stuffed with pickle – put cream cheese on tortilla, put Gerkins on, roll, slice into pinwheels and serve on plate