Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 6, 2009

Well another great year and another day to celebrate Independance Day.....Finnish Independance Day! This day has more than one meaning for me, although in 1992 i remember I was in an old church (sand floor) in Rovaniemi or another town with a group of exchange students. It was a magical time,; we learned about what being free meant to the Finns. In the back of my head.....it took me to 1989.....my good friend Jennifer also died on this day. Who would have known this day would come to mean more than one thing for me. But I now have more memories of this day than the passing of my friend and it has certainly helped from living in the past. I am happy to share this day with new meaning and I will always remember Jennifer for her sense of humour and magnetic smile. There are Angels in this world for many reasons and for many occasions and it is an unbelieveable feeling to know that Angels work in many mysterious ways. God Bless the Independance of Finland on this day and God cherish the heart and soul of a friend.
When this day rolls around Saturday I will pray and remember what this day means to me for freedom and sacrafice....celebration and sadness and I will remember my friend who left us way too soon and I will think of my life and friends in Finland who have so much to be thankful for.