Friday, December 28, 2007

Going Home

Interestingly I titled this entry going home....not back to Nova Scotia...but to Oulu, Finland! Yes, we are planning a 3 week trip to Finland in July 2008! Any takers?

It is going to be a great trip to finally go back and see my family and friends that are still there and see the new families! It will be 13 years since I have last been back! It's going to be a whirlwind trip but I think it will be the best trip ever!
We will fly directly to Oulu (not a direct flight from here! LOL) and we will drive to the Northern parts of Finland, cross into Norway, visit some beautiful scenic spots there (Hammerfest, Tromso) and we'll venture to the land of Sweden where we will indulge in some old city sightseeing in Stockholm. I have friends in Tempere and helsinki that we will also visit! This is a trip in the planning stage and I am looking into accomodations, etc. but it will be just so awesome to go "home."
Stay tuned as i will update this on my planning progress for Suomi 2008!