Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August Run

Well where has the time's going going gone and soon September will be here. Excitingly enough, August has meant the adoption of our lil baby girl, Mya! She's my whippet that I truly love and she brings so much joy and excitement to my life; she's unbelievable! We got her on August 5th and my life has never been the same since! I must say she is demanding and does require a lot of attention but am told that this will subside once she becomes an adult! She is 19 weeks old this weekend...almost 5 months! She's really a part of our life now and she has fit in perfectly! I have been teaching her tricks and trying to control some of her bad habits that she developed but all in all, I couldn't have a more perfect pup! She is affectionate and cuddly, cute and quarky!

Her temperament is amazing, she loves people, dogs, kids, everything! She loves to run and a cpl times a week I take her off-leash to this huge field where she loves to chase me and run like a wild weed!

I'm sure now, many of my stories will involve her as she brings so much joy to my life:-)

I'm trying to be a good parent and have done a lot of research on how to raise her. I am controlling her diet and vaccinations to support her healthy body. I feed her raw and she loves it! And she is vaccinated minimally to ensure her immune system stays strong and healthy and not complicated with the numervous optional vaccinations that the veterinary world would like you to spend money on. This is a whole new Post which I may write about later.

So cheers to Mya and thanks for so much fun and excitement she has brought us thus far!